The Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy Learning Commons

The Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy’s library has undergone many changes over the past few years, with many new additions and enhancements. We strive to ensure that the content in the library is enriching and appropriate for all students. The school currently uses the Insignia software. Moreover, the school has subscriptions to research databases that classrooms and students can use for their research project while learning how to safely navigate the internet. Visit the Library website for more information! 

When using the library website, please select “Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy Library” as seen in the video above.

A Wide Selection of Books

Our school's library features a wide selection of books that have been vetted and chosen with the school's mission and vision in mind.

Student Portals

The library has its own designated website and platform where students can check what books they have, if they are overdue and what is available. They can also request new books!

Resource Databases

Our school has access to a wide selection of academic resource databases, designed for elementary schools and for research!

library website

Our school library has its own designated website. To access, make sure to click "Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy" from the dropdown.

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Library Books
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