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An Islamic Independent School in the Heart of Richmond, BC


My Lord, increase me in knowledge and make me of the virtuous!


About Us 

The Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment that fosters exemplary Islamic education and strong academic achievement. Islamic learning inculcates “taqwa” (God consciousness) and is based on the teachings of the Quran, Holy Prophet (S), and the Ahl al-bayt (as) according to the Twelver Sh’i school of thought. This builds a confident foundation of Muslim identity. Provision of a high caliber secular education includes excellence in academics. Children are motivated to attain their potential through curiosity and a desire for learning. We strive to meet the needs of all children and support ALL in an equitable environment.

The beautiful dome of the Az-Zahraa mosque where students of the academy pray the Dhuhrayn and Friday prayers.

Key Features 

Islamic Foundation

The Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy was founded on the basis of providing an Islamic foundation and environment for our students. All school programs run in line with Islamic guidelines and Islamic events and holidays are commemorated throughout the year.  

K-9 Academic Excellence

The Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy is known for its academic excellence. It has consistently rated in the top 100 schools in BC and in 2019 was in the top percentile. Currently, we are proud to offer classes from Kindergarten to Grade 9 in addition to our Junior Kindergarten Program.

School Buses

Our school features four exclusive bus routes across the Lower Mainland and is provided for free to our students.  These routes cover Surrey, Delta, WhiteRock, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond. There is also a Ram tracking app that parents can use to see where their children are to pick them up at the appropriate times from their stops. 

Our Team 

  • AZIA classroom teachers are fully certified in B.C.
  • They actively pursue professional development opportunities in order to remain current on best practices.
  • We have staff members trained in strategies such as SMART learning, FRIENDS Anxiety Reduction, Science in Action, Orton-Gillingham Reading, Jolley Phonics, and Action School Physical Education to name a few.
  • Our specialties teachers have their qualifications verified by the Independent School branch of the Ministry of Education and have been granted certification.

Contact Us 


8580 No 5 Road,

Richmond, BC, V6Y 2V4 

Our Hours

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Monday – Friday 

Contact Us

Phone: (604) 274-7869
Email: [email protected]