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Zainab Bachoo

Sr. Zainab Bachoo was born and raised in Tanzania and moved to Canada in 1995. In 2003, Sr. Zainab started teaching Qur’an at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy. She now serves as a Quran co-ordinator and has had the privilege of mentoring assistant teachers in their development of Qur’anic skills and teaching strategies.
She has also been the Quran Coordinator at Madrasah Az-Zahraa for more than 5 years. During this time she has developed modules for training teachers in the science of tajweed along with easy to use manuals for parents and students.
Sr. Zainab also teaches Qur’an privately and at other schools. Her love for teaching the Qur’an drives her to log as many as 30 hours per week of Qur’an teaching time. She has studied Qur’anic Arabic formally and understands the Qur’anic language fluently. Her patience and pleasant mannerism in teaching the Quran has made her teaching successful for all students young and old.
Sr. Zainab is also passionate about increasing her knowledge of Islam and the Qur’an. She attended a week-long course on doctrines of faith organized by NASIMCO. Such opportunities allow her to bring the Qur’an to life in the classroom.