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Sacha Wassick

Ms. Sacha Wassick was born and raised in North Vancouver.  A love for the outdoors was instilled at an early age and you can find her hiking trails throughout the Lower Mainland on the weekends.  She completed her Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Calgary.  She always took time throughout and in between university to travel.  Trips to Vietnam, New Zealand and Europe allowed her to go into her Bachelor of Education with a worldly view.  She completed her Bachelor of Education at UBC with a focus on elementary. 

After completing her Bachelor of Education Ms. Wassick went to Seoul, South Korea to teach elementary school.   After a great year in Korea she moved to Doha, Qatar to teach at a BC Curriculum Offshore School.  She enjoyed 3 years teaching Kindergarten in Doha.  From Qatar she was able to travel throughout the region and gain an appreciation for Islam and education. 

She is very excited to be the Grade 4 teacher this year at AZIA.  The value placed on an exceptional education is wonderful at AZIA and to have such a dedicated staff and community is amazing.  Grade 4 is a year of a lot of progress and growth in student learning and Ms. Wassick feels privileged to assist the students in reaching their goals.