8580 No.5 Road
Richmond, B.C
Canada, V6Y 2V4

T: (604) 274 - 7861
F: (604) 274 - 7862

OUR MISSION: Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy provides a safe and nurturing
environment where all children can excel in Islamic learning, academic
achievement, and socially responsible citizenship. Leadership and integration
opportunities are also provided toward preparation for future success.


Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment that fosters exemplary Islamic education and strong academic achievement.

Islamic learning inculcates ‘taqwa’ (God consciousness) and is based on the teachings of the Quran, Holy Prophet, and the Ahlulbayt. This builds a confident foundation of Muslim identity. Provision of a high caliber secular education includes excellence in academics. Children are motivated to attain their potential through curiosity and a desire for learning. We strive to meet the needs of all children and support ALL in an equitable environment.

Our role includes teaching social responsibility and creating global social awareness. We prepare students to excel in moral values and demonstrate exceptional character. We strive to provide leadership experiences and integration opportunities both within and outside our immediate community. We believe that leadership roles offer the students a chance to give back to the community.

Integration opportunities increase the learning realm and allow for a successful future after Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy and in the larger Canadian society. Provision of extra-curricular programs complements our children’s personal growth.

The chief responsibility of the school is to prepare independent thinkers who have a good sense of right from wrong, through both solid Islamic learning and a wholesome secular education. Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy prepares children to become caring and contributing citizens of distinction.