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Az-Zahraa is striving to integrate technology across the curriculum in an effort to accommodate different learning styles and intelligences, enhance creativity, develop problem solving strategies, and improve critical thinking skills. Technology cannot stand alone; it is best utilized when seamlessly incorporated into lessons by teachers in different subjects to help students achieve desired learning outcomes.

Az-Zahraa is striving to be among the leaders in the implementation and use of educational technology. We want our students to use educational technology such as laptop computers, iPads and Smart Boards in seamless, authentic, and effective ways that will help them realize their full potential as learners.


Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy is embarking on expanding its use of technology in the Jr. KG - Grade 7 classrooms with the introduction of mobile LED Smart televisions that will be used as a more advanced alternative to projectors. The televisions can seamlessly be connected to Windows and Mac OS based computers to be used for presentations and these televisions will have the ability to connect to online resources as well as to wirelessly connect to forms of technology such as iPads to create a more interactive learning environment.


The school is equipped with Smart Board technology, interactive LED screens and whiteboards that use touch detection. Smart Boards allow teachers to engage in active collaboration while working with large amounts of information in a dynamic and active environment. Rather than passively viewing information, students are able to actively engage in learning in a creative and embodied manner. 


The school recently introduced an Apple mobile iPad lab to further enhance interactive learning experience of students of all ages. The introduction of iPads opens the door to a number of new educational applications that are used by both the teachers as well as the students to learn and explore together. Additionally, the iPads provide a new approach to learning the traditional whiteboards or even the Smart Boards cannot offer. 


Az-Zahraa continues to invest in new laptops and software such as the recent acquisition of an Apple Mobile Learning Lab® utilizing Apple’s MacBook Pro® computers. Additional areas of investment have been for the library, faculty and staff. Students have the opportunity to integrate the use of computers in the class as well as outside the class to conduct research, prepare assignments, make presentations and much more.

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