8580 No.5 Road
Richmond, B.C
Canada, V6Y 2V4

T: (604) 274 - 7861
F: (604) 274 - 7862


We believe that a strong and united school community is instrumental in achieving our mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment where all children excel in Islamic learning, academic achievement, and socially responsible citizenship. An environment where our students are provided with leadership and integration opportunities toward preparation for future success.

We also believe the shared values and bonds we seek are vital for creating a community that gives people a sense of belonging. This spirit of community and sense of belonging sets Az-Zahraa apart from other schools while drawing us together to celebrate our success and to support each other in times of need. Students, alumni, faculty, staff, administration, parents, past parents and grandparents all choose to be part of the Az-Zahraa Community and all contribute to its vigour and essence.

As part of the Az-Zahraa community, knowing that others are supporting us is vital in giving strength to everyone involved with Az-Zahraa. We cherish and safeguard this sense of community by limiting enrolment and small class sizes. Experience has taught us this is instrumental for teachers and students to get to know each other in ways that just aren’t possible in larger schools. Everyone is valued at Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy.