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Volunteering is an integral part of Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy for almost all families with children within the school. Many families have found volunteering not only contributes to Az-Zahraa’s success, but also enriches their experience as part of our community.

In addition to volunteering for fundraising events, there are also opportunities to volunteer at the operational level. Some of these include helping with the Wednesday hot lunch program, the library, lunchtime supervision, playground supervision, driving students to fieldtrips, fieldtrip supervision, after-school extra-curricular programs and as office support.


To meet the various needs of the school, we have developed donation programs to help with Learning Support, Bursaries and fund the acquisition of key assets. We have a variety of giving programs that accommodate both the school’s desires and the individual circumstances of families making up our school community.

For more information or to make a contribution, please contact either the School Board Chairperson or the School Treasurer.

Online donations can be made through Give Meaning using the following Link and then selecting School / AZIA Fund.

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