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The school has ambitious goals to expand the use of technology by both staff and students in the day-to-day school life. The investment includes :

• The introduction of LED Smart TV’s in the Montessori Preschool, and Kindergarten - Grade 7 classrooms which can seamlessly interface with student’s and teacher’s computers.

• The introduction of iPads in each classroom for use by teachers and students combined with a variety of application to enhance the learning experience.

• Expanded use of Smart Board technology.

• Upgrading of the schools computers and laptops.

• The introduction of a Computer on Wheels (C.O.W.) program to provide all classes with easy access to computers.

• A new LED information board in the school assembly area.

• New software application for use in the Library, as well as for use on the computers used by the students and staff.


Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy receives no government funding of any type for capital needs such as repairs, renovations, equipment, furniture and other assets or resources essential to the educational experience of our students and faculty.

As the school ages, there is a need to repair and renovate the school. As noticed by the students and many of the parents, many of the classrooms, the assembly area, hallways and the school office have recently been painted. There are still many areas that require painting.

Additionally, the flooring throughout the school requires replacing. This will be very costly and the school cannot embark on this project without the generous support of the school community.

Capital funds will also support the school’s investment in expanding our library resources, purchasing new classroom and teaching resources, acquiring new science equipment, purchasing new P.E. equipment and other much needed equipment.


Az-Zahraa recognizes that we benefit from having staff to assist in meeting the individual needs and learning styles of all our students. Az-Zahraa is blessed to have 3 staff members who in collaboration with the classroom teachers help students experience success. Each staff member brings a variety of skills and experiences to tailor to the unique needs of our students.

Through generous donor support, the school will continue to provide added support for all of our students.


Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy offers a limited number of partial bursaries to students who would otherwise not be able to attend the school due to financial constraints. While AZIA does provide bursary support, unfortunately not all deserving candidate requests can be accommodated.

AZIA does not provide full bursary support. Our philosophy is to partner with a family in bridging the gap between their demonstrated financial need and the full cost of send¬ing their child to AZIA. A family must be prepared to invest in their child’s education to a comfortable level. Families must apply for bursary renewal on a yearly basis. Students must strive to perform in an exemplary fashion academically, have no disciplinary is¬sues, and participate fully in school life extra-curricular offerings.

For more information please contact the School Principal.

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